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The mission of the CAN Foundation is to provide a nexus of inter-connectivity and development for a strong, enduring, harmonious arts community within the global art market. We engage the communities through artist development, arts education, and public art projects. 

Artist Development. The CAN Foundation works closely with artists in the development of their craft and careers. Through mentorship, critiques, education, client development and management, we provide artists with the tools to build a foundation for sustainable art careers. 

Arts Education. We seek to advance multidisciplinary arts education through our integrative learning programs, covering art history, art business, art making, collection building, and more.

Public Art Projects. The Foundation works with municipalities, corporations, and community groups to bring public art projects and immersive arts events to underserved and developin areas.

The VISION of the CAN Foundation is raise global awareness of the arts as a unifying cultural and economic force within Hampton Roads and beyond.

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